My top 5 Mother's Day Picks

1. Admittedly I've had my eye on a couple of Small Bar Earrings for a while now, so I am slightly biased towards these golden beauties. They come in silver, copper and gold. $35.23.// 2The Horse Watch, she'll be asking you to ask her what the time is just to catch another glimpse of it. All The Horse watches are stunning, however the polished steel/white face on polished tan is my personal favourite. $129.00. // 3. Like The Horse, you can't really go wrong when selecting products from Aesop, but if you're as indecisive as I am, the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm is a tried and tested winner. $29.00. // 4. A girl can never have too many phone cases, and may I say how cute is this little pretty? Pressed Daisies iPhone case from Anthropology. $14.95. // 5. And, last but not least, the Rose Soak by Soak Society. Everybody loves a good, long bath soak, and nobody more than a mum. Rose works as an excellent detox, and helps to calm and relax. $22.95.