Summer's Last Hurrah

This morning while the sun was still asleep, we woke up and drove to the ocean to give the day a proper welcome. It's amazing how easy it becomes to wake up in the wee hours of the morning when it isn't for work. We arrived with minutes to spare before the sun peeked over the horizon. I tend to associate most places with the memory of particular colours. If you ever want to speak to me about Currumbin Beach, I'll be lost in a daze somewhere between orange, pink and gold.

After a good, long soak in the ocean and breakfast with an impressive view, we jumped back in the car and headed for Fingal Head. The coastal side of the Head is divided into Dreamtime Beach and Fingal Beach, but before hitting either one of them we strolled up the light-dappled trail towards Fingal Head Lighthouse. The view from the Lighthouse is spectacular, but the day was getting hotter and soon the water looked just a little too good to be enjoyed from afar. 

Our third and final stop along the coast was to Casuarina Beach, just south of Kingscliff, and by far our favourite. The headland soars to 15 metres above the water, and the many nooks and crannies in the cliff provide perfect spots to sit and watch the waves roll in and crash on the rocks below. We sat for a long time, speaking little and resting our lids before our unwelcome yet inevitable return to reality.

If there are three keys to a perfect Summer road trip, it's spontaneity, a killer playlist and a brilliant fellow adventurer. Fortunately, I had all three. It's not every Tuesday you get to throw your cares to the wind and escape on an adventure, but as I say there are exceptions to everything, and this one was worth it 100%. Besides, we can double up tomorrow.