Friday | Atticus Finch

Well, as of six weeks ago, Friday has become the day of the week set aside for escaping the shop and having an adventure. This last Friday, in the hours just after noon, we walked down along Latrobe, stopping to smell the roses (literally), soaking up the sunshine, window shopping and discussing marketing strategies. We came to rest at one of my favourite cafes on the Paddington strip: Atticus Finch. The little white and timber shop is located just past the Paddington Centre and Mechanic at 83 Latrobe Tce, and is just about as smart and sophisticated as its namesake. Apart from serving up some pretty exceptional coffee and a variety of teas and tisanes, these guys make a mean vege melt, salmon miso and mixed berry banana muffin among other things. While Catherine sipped her chai and wrote down blogging ideas and to-dos, I buzzed around with the camera, occasionally pausing to skull a bit of my double-shot flat white and mull over an idea with her.

If you're ever stuck for a coffee destination, or just want to try out a new place, give this one a go. I can vouch you won't be disappointed.

Atticus Finch Cafe // 83 Latrobe Tce, Paddington, QLD.