New Beginnings


It's that time again. That time to sit and have a good ponder about what's in front and what's behind, to turn to a fresh page. There is something revealing about the way we celebrate the New Year every year, over and over again, often in the same way as the year before and with the same level of enthusiasm. New beginnings are precious. A fresh start, a second chance, a blank white page. These things give us hope and renewed vision in what we're capable of, what we really want to achieve and what kind of people we really want to be. I'm generally the type to stick my nose up at New Years resolutions, but as the fireworks set off 2015 with a bang and lots of pretty lights I already had a bit of a list going. Here it is:

  • Declutter my brain // It's getting messy in there. Too many minutes wasted on refreshing my Instagram Activity page, too many good ideas shoved aside in the name of procrastination, too much fluff, not enough substance. Time to see what's really useful in the useful box and adopt a state of minimalism even Vincent Van Duysen would be proud of.
  • Just Do It // I need to stop saying and start doing. There are already ways I make fitness a priority in my life at the moment, but I can never seem to exercise consistently. They say nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. I'm sorry but have you actually eaten pizza?
  • Be in the Word // A wise woman once said "If you're too busy to read the Bible then you are just that: too busy." If I have enough time to spend an hour on the internet before the day begins, then I have enough time to sit with my Father and feed my soul. Even a couple of minutes to sit and remember the grace and worth I have received will do more for me than a few nice words on Facebook. There's an aesthetic on the inside to think about, too.
  • Organise my time // I have virtually zero time management skills so this is kind of important, especially with so much going on all the time. "Dear Annie, we've noticed you've been editing all your pictures in one hit after 7 hour shoots. We would be interested in negotiating this routine as it is having negative effects on our health and well being. Sincerely, your Basic Neurological Functions."
  • Drink more water // Scientifically proven to make you healthier and happy, drinking enough water maintains the body's fluid balance, increases metabolism and clears skin. Drink water, guys.
  • Read // I read many, many brilliant books last year, classics from the last century and some brilliant pieces of contemporary literature as well, but lately my reading has fallen a little behind. It's important to always have something good to read. I find the more books I have on hand, the less nights I end up channel flicking and watching infomercials. Tell me that's not important.

And that's about it. If you have any New Years resolutions of your own, book recommendations or fitness tips I'd genuinely love to hear them. I'll just be here, sitting under a sheet and drinking a double shot of coffee. It's the weekend right? Right?