Wrapping up 2014 at Showroom


It's been a busy year. One year ago, I had barely learned how to hold a camera properly, I had never heard of the Spring Shop, I was just beginning the concept of a band with my sister. One year ago I was wandering through a bric a brac shop at 135 Latrobe Tce in Paddington looking for Christmas gifts, completely unaware that I'd soon be calling it my workplace/happy place/home away from home, etc. Since then, I've started up my own business in product and portrait photography, and found my dream job working under and alongside my brilliant mentor and friend Catherine from The Spring Shop and boss lady at Showroom. In amongst all of this, my sister and I have independently recorded and produced our debut album Petrichor for our band "Jjiraf". It's truly incredible to look back and see what's changed, what I've learned and grown in this year alone. What exciting things have happened to you this year?