S U M M E R // 20.09.15

This Summer, I'm going to learn to surf.

That's what I told myself one morning in winter when I decided that I'd just about had enough of it. When people ask me what my favourite season is, I tell them Summer, but under the condition that things happen. Hellish temperatures and inconceivably high humidity percentages are somehow made bearable with the occasional road trip or visit to the ocean, and this Summer I was going to go prepared. I've been surfing a few times over the years, but the last time I had actually been up on a board was a good two or three years ago, and I figured it was time for a lesson. Mmm, there's nothing like flailing about like an elephant on a bit of fibreglass while a sun-bleached professional patiently holds you by the nose and yells at you to "paddle, damn it!". Sometimes the fall comes before the pride, at least that's what I comfort myself with. So I roped in a friend (which became seven) to join me for a day (which became five) to get our beach babe on and hit the waves. 

While the pictures may not show much evidence of surfing, they'll give you a taste of my sun-drenched weekend. Do enjoy (insert Wipe Out song here).